Toshiko Takaezu - The Earth In Bloom
Toshiko Takaezu - The Earth In Bloom
About Stan Yake


Stan Yake and Toshiko Takaezu

Stan Yake's engagement with the Art World is

of more recent vintage than his engagement with Philosophy. The cultural visual world of artists were secondary to the verbal worlds of intellectual history and philosophic analysis, even though one could not do aesthetics without being somewhat enmeshed inthose cultural domains.

When, at the end of his stint as an academic founder of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay he participated in a raku firing, his world was forever changed. For, after having then moved to the Capitol District of New York, he soon got seduced by the 3-dimensional clay work of Prof. Regis Brodie and the Skidmore College ceramics program that he ran.

But that turn towards clay and ceramics permanently opened up for him not 

just that 3-dimensional medium, but also the worlds of theater, of opera, of 

cinema, of television and of photography. In the following years Yake worked 

on the Boards of Capital Repertory Theater, of WMHT, the Public Television 

station, of YADDO (the oldest artists colony in the United States), and, for the 

promotion of visual acuity, the Optometric Center of New York in New York 

City. Meanwhile, also, he became an aficianado of opera through subscriptions 

to the MET in NYC, and an informal theater critic through his persistent 

attention to that NY world as part of his Cap Rep obligations.

Meanwhile, while working in health planning and policy capacities for the Feds 

and for New York State, Yake continued to do ceramics at Skidmore, learned to 

know Toshiko Takaezu, got excited about doing photography, and became a 

serious practitioner in that domain. He also got back into professional 

Philosophy at Russell Sage College in Albany, NY, at Massachusetts College of 

Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA, and most recently at RPI in Troy, NY where 

he taught "Morals and Politics" to nuclear engineers working for The Navy. 

Meanwhile, also, he continued to regularly present professional philosophic 

papers on subjects ranging from Philosophy and Film, to Empathy and Self 

Esteem, to Moral Imagination, and to Personhood. His preoccupation is with 

the quality of life at the borders between our public and private worlds.

He is married to Barbara Lawton Yake, has three children, Andrew, Ethan and 

Molly, and works hard both trying to make the world a better place and trying 

to enjoy it, doing tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, food and traveling.

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Toshiko Takaezu - The Earth In Bloom

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